The Versatility of the Wig

The wig has came a long way. Through many evolutionary revamps, the wig is here to stay. The first noting of the wig goes all the way back to ancient Egyptian era. Then, the wig was used to protect shaved and bald heads from the sun. Even now in 2020, the wig is still considered a protective accessory.

Let's be honest, although protective, we just love wigs! It's ability to capture moods and customizable to any vibe, wigs are full of life. It's undeniable; especially, once slayed to perfection.

Lets Talk Types of Wigs

There are several types of wigs available in the beauty market. Although, each type has different functions; there are similarities. All wigs can be either synthetic, synthetic blend, or human hair.

Half Wig

The half wig is easy to apply, as the name applies, it only goes over half of the head. The wig is pulled over the head like a bonnet or hat. Depending on the wig's size, you can pull the wig close to the hair line or to the crown of the head. You would need to part off as much as your natural hair you want out in the front. This is your leave-out. Leave-out is mandatory for styling this type of wig. The half wig can add volume and length to your hair style. The key to pulling off the half wig is find a half wig that has similar texture and thickness to your natural hair or blend your natural hair similarly to the texture and thickness of the wig. A nice human hair half wig can go a long way for the ladies and guys who like to style leave-out to have a more natural style.

U Part Wig aka V part Wig

The U part wig is similar to the half wig, except this type of wig allows you to have leave-out in the middle part and in the side part area only. The amount of

leave-out you can style with this wig is restricted. Although restricted, many people prefer U parts because of it this. Less styling is required for this wig versus the half wig.

Full Wig

The Full wig is the most low maintenance wig of all. No leave-out is required for rocking this wig. It is full coverage. This type of wig usually features a bang or side sweep. No styling or blending necessary!

Lace Front Wig

The Lace Front wig is one the newest updates to the wig. This wig requires alot more skill when installing. This wig has a lace frontal. A lace frontal is a component of the wig, where individual hair strands are delicately threaded through a piece of lace to appear like a natural hair line. To put in more simpler terms, no leave-out required! When installing this wig, a hairstylist will bleach and pluck the knots of the lace frontal to give the wig an even more natural appearance. When this process is done professional, the lace front wig will look like it's growing out your scalp, literally! Check out this beauty below. She is rocking a lace front wig installed and styled by a Dashing Professional!

360 Wig

The 360 wig is like the younger sister of the lace front wig. Very similar in style, the 360 is almost identical to the lace front wig. But, the 360 is also crafted with a nape styled lace component. The nape component allows you to put your wig up in a high ponytail or a classy updo. Again, a hairstylist will bleach and pluck the knots of this nape component. to give the wig an even more natural appearance. When this process is done professional, the 360 wig will look like it's growing out your scalp, literally, 360 degrees around your entire head!

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