Kylie's Fall Look

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We're loving this beautiful forest green, fall themed, look by Kylie Jenner. How can you get this look? Lets break it down!


Kylie's eyebrows are well manicured, maintaining her natural brow shape with a brow threading and accentuating the volume with a tasteful tinting.


Although, this makeup look is full of glam, Kylie is rocking a voluminous but natural lash set.


Kylie is profiling a warm, bronzed foundation with a deep contour under the cheeks and a pink blush on the apple of the cheek.


The classic cat-eye green liner is boldly printed on Kylie's lid to highlight her almond-shaped eyes.


Kylie's shadow is quite subtle as her liner is the star of this show, but the shadow compliments her liner with its light green shade.


There's one to two ways to identify this beautiful natural lip.

1) A nude lipstick topped with a clear gloss


2) A clear gloss, highlighting the natural tint of the lip.

Either way you like it, don't forget the brown lip liner to top it off!


This sleek low ponytail, is ideal for such a ravishing look.


Kylie is rocking beautiful long cat nails that matches her makeup to the T!

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