Erica Mena’s Natural Beat

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Nothing’s more flattering then flaunting a beautiful natural look. We’re sure Erica would agree! How can you get this look? Lets break it down!


To start this look off, Erica’s brows have a soft shaping. Just a simple clean up. This is a standard practice for all Dashing professionals whenever they provide a makeup service for a client.


We believe Erica is styling her natural lashes with a thick layer of mascara. But let’s be honest it’s very rare for a celebrity to resist a few lash extensions. If you do not have natural lengthy eyelashes, you can achieve this look with a natural full set.


Erica is profiling a perfectly matching foundation with a soft contour under the cheeks, around the forehead and nose.


Erica’s black liner is nice and simple, only lining the top and bottom circumference of the lash line.


Our favorite part of this look is the soft and pretty, silver, shimmering eye shadow. The shadow is only applied on the lower part

of the lids.


This beautiful natural lip look is achieved with a nude lipstick topped with a clear gloss.


It was around the holidays in 2019, when the Wet-Look hairstyle was glamorized by stars, such as Bela Hadid and Kim Kardashian. Erica flaunts it yet again and it is absolutely nothing but complimentary to her natural beat!

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