Celebrate Self Improvement Month with Dashing

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The beginning of the month is often a popular time for individuals to start new physical and mental goals. Perhaps there’s a fitness program you’ve been wanting to start, a new skill  you’d like to to learn, or a new hair color you’ve been eager to flaunt. While changing seasons always brings a fresh vigor, this month  represents something even more exciting.  September is Self Improvement Month! 

That’s right, there’s a whole 30 days dedicated to being your personal best! Here at Dashing it’s super important that our clients not only look amazing but feel amazing! That’s why this month we’re sharing a few creative ways to help you live your best life! From self-care Sunday tips to professional style advice, we got you covered. Because looking good should be easy! 

Kick-off the month with some self-love

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