Five Stunning Workplace Hairstyles

Updated: Jan 23

At Dashing, we pride ourselves on the happiness clients feel after an appointment. Whether it is a big event or a night out with friends, looking and feeling your best always makes the experience better. But Dashing is not just for special moments; we realize that most of our clients spend the bulk of their day at work. And we want our Dashing clients to feel just as beautiful in the office as they do at special events. That's why we decided to share a few hairstyles that are office-friendly, yet sure to turn heads.


Since the beginning of time, we've heard that pulling your hair back is "professional." But who says your style can't also be fun? Adding a few curls or a single braid at the crown of your head can transform a classic bun into an elegant and modernized style.


This style has survived through the years, and it is making a happy comeback. The half-up, half-down allows you to abide by the office culture while still showing a bit of glam. Add soft curls or go bone straight for the perfect finishing touch.


I mean seriously who doesn't love braids and twists, they're so versatile. With this style, you can create all of the looks we mentioned while still protecting your natural hair. Let's be honest, this style takes a while to install, but the longevity makes it worth it.


A haircut makes you feel fresh and renewed, and it is a great way to start a new chapter. Bobs are perfect for the workplace.


This clean and sleek look is a popular look in many offices. It's also an excellent way for curly girls to sport the volume of their waves and coils.

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