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Latisha Jones
Chicago, Illinois

“My professional did an amazing job on my lashes”

Kimmi Stevens

Atlanta, GA

“My Dashing Pro was sooo cool. I showed
her the picture of the design I wanted and
she nailed it. No pun intended”

Shameika Taylor

Atlanta, GA

“This is the most natural sew-in I've ever had.

Lizzy McDonald

Chicago, Illinois

“I got my hair and makeup done before my BF’s wedding and I got so many compliments.”

Mica Layes

Houston, TX

“OMG! I will forever get lash extensions from

Lela Johnson

Atlanta, GA

“I got so many compliments on my nails done by my Dashing Pro!”

Hannah White

Miami, Florida

“This is my second time booking a hair
appointment with Dashing. I look forward to
who my pro might be. They’re all talented!”

Amber Wade

Houston, TX

“I was impressed with how convenient
this was. I thought I would have to do alot. But it’s pretty simple process”

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