Dashing brings personalized in-home beauty, styling, and grooming to your door. Provided by licensed and skilled professionals, our team creates luxury experiences for affordable prices. With Dashing, you no longer have to waste time at the salon or barbershop, because looking good should be

affordable, easy, and safe!


Dashing's vision is to  help customers tackle the issues of time, control, safety and inconsistency that many face during their beauty, grooming, and styling needs. In the past, only those fortunate enough to afford luxury experiences could escape these difficulties. But by leveraging technology, Dashing ensures that every customer has the ability to choose when, where and how they receive service.

In addition, we strive to provide accessibility, freedom, and higher income to beauty professionals. Through our effective but simple process, Dashing creates personalized customer and professional experiences based on individual wants and needs. With Dashing, you no longer have to lose valuable time or experience unnecessary difficulties, Because looking good should be affordable, easy and safe!

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